Your Business Goals -The Danger of Watching the Scoreboard

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You decide to start a business and the first step is to determine your business goals.  However, how you pursue these goals can determine your success.  Namely, if you are constantly looking at the scoreboard (aka income), and attached to your goals and how you achieve them, you might be putting yourself at risk of struggling in business.

Might sound counter-intuitive right?  Isn’t business all about stats and measures?  Well, yes, to a degree, but consider this:

Did Michael Jordan win games by dribbling down the court with his eye on the scoreboard?

What happens too often in business is owners take their heads out of the game and start playing with their eyes peeled to the results.   How can you perform at your peak if you aren’t present and focused on the tasks at hand?

You put your business at risk when you lose sight of why you are playing the game.  When your business becomes only about goals, money and profits, the joy and purpose disappears.  Your business becomes a struggle of frustration and anxiety that is always dependent on your monthly numbers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, of course it is important to have a budget and check in on how your business is doing, but if you find your numbers aren’t doing well and you are looking at your numbers every day, consider you took yourself out of the game.  You lost sight of why you are doing your business, its purpose, and what it gives to the world.

When you reconnect to what is behind your business and play full out, your results will be better.  Michael Jordan puts in all his talent, his effort, his reason d’etre when he is on the court.  Sometimes he fails, but overall he succeeds.  His results are a SYMPTOM of how he is playing his game.

The same goes for business.  Your results are exactly that- a result of how you are playing the game of business.  So, take a month off of watching the bank account.  Get reconnected to why you started your business and who you are doing it for.

Focus on making a difference in the world and see how that makes a difference in reaching your business goals.

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