VIDEO: The Important Tool, Proven by Science, For Effective Goal Setting

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The new year is a refreshing ‘restart’ and most of us take this opportunity to take stock of the previous year’s results and the goals we want to achieve for the new year.  In this video post, I reveal what I believe is the MOST important tool to use when creating your new goals: a vision board.  Learn the science behind why using imagery in this process harnesses your brain’s natural power so you achieve results faster and more effectively!

Some bullets from the video:

*Your brain processes billions of information per second but most of it is kept in your subconscious and this powerful information it holds there is mostly visual!  You can subconsciously train your brain to reach your goals and need to do this via images.

*Scientists have discovered that our brain is malleable and trainable!  This is called neuroplasticity and refers to the brain’s ability to rewire itself.  You can use a vision board to train your brain for success.

*A vision board harnesses two other key components of neuroscience: mirror neurons (the pathways responsible for how we learn most naturally from birth) and neural resonance (how we can train our brain to focus, like a laser, on what we want to achieve).  This allows us to break through barriers that block us and provides easier access to inspiration and motivation.

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