That Voice That Keeps You Up at Night

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Pssst.  Hey, can you hear me?  Yeah, you.  It’s me, your inner voice, sometimes known as your calling.  I feel like you have been ignoring me lately.  I keep reaching out but you don’t seem to respond.  So I had to shout.  WAKE UP!!!

Listen, you’re not happy.  You dread your mornings and your countdown to Friday starts on Wednesday.   I know, I know — you studied this in school for 4 years and this job is what you know.  Hey, you are even pretty good at it so it makes sense to stick with what works.

But it doesn’t fulfill you.  It doesn’t light you up.

I mean, is this really what life is about?  Spending 40+ hours a week hating what you do?  Feeling like the soul is sucked out of you…

You remember that passionate idea you have?  Yeah, the one you occasionally tell people about.  “You know what I would LOVE to do?  Is…”  But you haven’t done it yet.   That big vision you have is so needed in the world and you are just sitting on it.  You sometimes admit to me that you feel like it is what you were put here to do.   But you haven’t done it yet.

How much more time do you think you have, pal?

Hey hey- don’t try to push me away.  I’m the TRUE you.  You’d be way more happy if you just listened to me.

I know, you are scared.  But it’s worth overcoming the fear.  I mean, do you want to keep having this conversation with me several times a year and still not have anything be different??  Are you willing to wake up 20 years from now overwhelmed with regret?

Listen, if you start now, things could look a-mazing in just a few years and when you are still young enough to enjoy it!  Yeah- others do it all the time, of course you can too.  All you need to do is take just ONE action.

One small step.

And you don’t have to do it alone!  Yeah, there is support out there for these kinds of things.  Communities.  Coaches!

Isn’t it a relief to know you are taken care of?  See, I have your back.

Thanks.  Thanks for finally listening.  Just remember, I believe in you.

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