“…Studying the arts can help business people communicate more eloquently…can also help companies learn how to manage bright people…helping business become more innovative…”
-Schumpeter, The Economist – February 2011

TRBE’s ground-breaking live workshops offer a new way of looking at business, your effectiveness, and the path to results. Described as ‘invigorating’, ‘inspiring’, and bringing ‘fun back to work’, participants have reported gaining a new perspective of who they are in business and an increased awareness of how they can gain competitive advantage by tapping into their innate creative potential.

Whether you are looking for a new way to approach your goals, want to improve team building, or are passionate about learning new ways to develop professionally, TRBE’s workshops make new frontiers available.

All workshops are designed to be interactive, FUN, and inspiring. 

Tailored to your company workshops can be offered as half or full day trainings.  TRBE will provide the appropriate supplies (additional fee may apply for large groups).



How to Tap into Your Full Potential
In this introductory short workshop, discover your long-dormant creativity and learn new techniques to achieve your goals, improve problem-solving, and improve stress-relief in a way that makes work FUN.

Creating a Strong Company Vision
What if every one of your employees woke up excited to go to work with a strong understanding of how their personal gifts and talents contribute to your company vision?  This workshop creates exactly that through hands-on, authentic and creative exercises that aligns every member of your team around your larger company mission.

[Don’t have a clear company mission to start with or are redesigning?  We can help you create one that speaks to your customers and investors in a powerful, inspiring way.]

Creative Connections and Problem Solving
A workshop designed to break-through unresolved conflicts and barriers in communication within teams.  Through the collective creative process and the use of metaphor, teams discover new ways of interacting and communicating effectively through the discovery of their strengths and collaboration.

All workshops can be tailored to your company’s needs and challenges. References available upon request.

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