Stephanie Staidle, founder of The Right Brain Academy and The Right Brain Entrepreneur, is a licensed art therapist and business coach who works with individuals to unlock their highest potential by tapping into an underused resource called ‘right-brain thinking’.

Using cutting-edge techniques based in the newest findings of neuroscience, her methodology gets you unstuck and moving in the best direction to create fulfillment and abundance, fast. In her work with both individuals and companies, clients have breakthroughs in performance, confidence, and happiness.

Stephanie has been featured as an expert on NBC and EVOX Television Networks and led the creation of the largest Vision Board on record at TedxFidiWomen 2013 in San Francisco. She hosted a sold out workshop, ‘Finding Your Why’ at SXSW 2014 in Austin, TX and a Startup workshop for the 2015 SXSW V2V in Las Vegas.



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What defines successful leadership? What common traits are shared among the most impactful and influential leaders of our time? One thing: Communication. If you want to be an effective leader in your life and career, build dedicated and loyal teams of employees, and motivate communities for change, mastering this skill is crucial. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the five keys of strong communication for improved leadership, sales, and business success.


In this interactive presentation, participants discover the three fundamental elements required to create a thriving business they love.  Audiences learn new tools, based in the neuroscience of performance, to match a business with their passions, identify and remove obstacles entrepreneurs commonly face, and find the confidence to make their business vision a reality.


It has been consistently proven that knowing why you do business will allow you to know how and what to do. This is what separates successful, innovative entrepreneurs and companies from the status quo.  This engaging presentation reveals the breakthrough formula you can use to have a deeper understanding of your core values and the skills to authentically communicate your business mission to potential clients, investors, and partners to drastically increase profits.

BE THE 10%: The Neuroscience of Goal Achievement

A compelling study at the University of Scranton University revealed that over 90% of New Years Resolutions do not become a resolution at all.  But what about the other 10%? There is something they are doing differently that ensures their success. This presentation uncovers the barriers to achieving our goals and reveals 3 techniques that are necessary if you want more ease and success in achieving results whether in business or in life.

Stephanie can cover a variety of subjects and speak to using ‘right-brain thinking’ for creating breakthroughs, time management, overcoming fears/obstacles, and improving confidence. Overall her presentations are about empowering people to have everything they need to pursue their passions fearlessly and believe in their potential. Ask about custom topics for your group.

Rave Reviews

  • Stephanie Staidle facilitated the workshop "The Science Behind Finding the Work You Love" at our October 2015 Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work Conference.  Her workshop had the highest attendance of the 12 workshops presented.  90+% of attendees rated her presentation Excellent/Good on usefulness of content, quality of presentation, and appropriateness of pace. I highly recommend working with Stephanie.

    Johanna Wise
    Johanna Wise Connect Work Thrive
  • I would like to recommend Stephanie. She worked with several of my students at our Women's Empowerment Program. She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and personable and on time. Her materials and program presentation were right on par with my student base. My class enjoyed working with her.

    Denise Jackson
    Denise Jackson Alameda Justice Center
  • I worked with Stephanie when she conducted a live webinar for my organization’s audience of corporate social responsibility professionals. She took the time to really understand our audience, figure out what motivates them, and created her content accordingly. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for a fresh perspective in the business world. Overall, Stephanie was a pleasure to work – she made planning and organizing the webinar smooth and easy, and her positivity is contagious!

    Tess Srebro
    Tess Srebro Volunteer Match
  • Stephanie’s presentation was so unique-her presentation was a new and different way of looking at understanding your own value proposition.  She was able to present “brainy” info in a fun, approachable way!  What a great program- useful for business owners, corporate people, and entrepreneurs!

    Pattie Vargas
    Pattie Vargas American Business Women's Association
  • Stephanie was an outstanding choice for our business leadership event.  Stephanie provided thoughtful, actionable strategies on how to find your “why” in your career and your life.   The executives and entrepreneurs who attended felt that Stephanie’s presentation was engaging and inspiring, and relevant.  As a result, I had multiple requests from attendees who would like to follow up with Stephanie individually for personalized coaching.  Stephanie is truly an incredible resource, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a brilliant, inspiring speaker that can provide tangible strategies to help find passion in life and career.

    Lexi Davis
    Lexi Davis Morgan Stanley
  • The workshop was a wonderful success and Stephanie expertly guided the conversation and event so that each indivdiual participant left feeling engaged, inspired, and with a better sense of purpose and direction. The energy level during the event was palpable, and it was a memorable (and for some, life-changing) experience for the individuals and the group.

    Alexandra Sklar
    Alexandra Sklar The Merchant Home
  • Thanks Stephanie. I enjoyed the experience and the opening it provided. I have left the vision board next to my meditation seat and look at it sometimes. Some things have manifested in amazing ways like the Mandela Tribute below (we made it happen in 43 hours), speaking and writing, yoga and spiritual life, love life etc...

    Gopi Google
  • In the world there are two groups of people: Consumers, and creators. “Consumers” are people who “consume” more than they create, and “creators” are people who “create” more than they consume. Since “creation” starts and ends in the proverbial “right brain” I can’t think of anyone more in tune with this than Stephanie.

    Jay Kubassek
    Jay Kubassek SFM
  • I had the pleasure of taking Stephanie's Right Brain Entrepreneur Workshop with our management team. Rare to be part of something that's both eye-opening and fun. The workshop was transformational in helping the group tap into their creativity. It was also a fabulous team building exercise -- certainly revealed a side of some colleagues that you don't often see. Success in business is all about ideas. Effectively being able to tap the artist within the business person and unlock that creative energy is very powerful. I highly recommend Stephanie's workshop. Good stuff.

     Jay Kilberg
    Jay Kilberg Pro U
  • The Right Brain Entrepreneur workshop opened up new ways of approaching my business. Real breakthroughs come from being creative and we see this workshop as an opportunity to develop this skill and use it for the purpose of creating an amazing business.

    Bakley Bakley Smith Consulting