NBC Connecticut, 2014

Stephanie is interviewed by NBC on the power of ‘right brain thinking’, the ways she uses this with clients and companies and how her methodology makes a difference in how people lead their lives.

SXSW 2014 Austin, TX

Stephanie led a ‘Finding Your Why: Creating A Business Vision’ workshop at SXSW in 2014.  Watch her one-on-one consultations with participants as they use a right brain process to discover their business purpose.

Connect Work Thrive 2015

Stephanie leads a presentation and workshop called The Science Behind Finding Work You Love in which she shares the three fundamental elements, based in ‘right brain thinking’ for discovering and creating a fulfilling career.


Small Business Radio Interview with Tony Wilkins on December 2, 2016

Listen as Stephanie shares how to enter the New Year set up for success and the art of ‘letting go’ in business.

SXSW V2V 2015

Listen to Stephanie’s presentation at SXSW V2V in Las Vegas: Jump Start for Startups in which she reveals the 3 elements necessary to avoid the 90% failure rate.

KOWS Radio Interview with Stephen Campbell

Listen to Stephanie speak about the tools she uses with clients and how right brain thinking could alter our education system to create new generations of world-changers.

Satori Prime Performance Enhancing Podcast

Listen to Stephanie and EVOX Television Networks discuss the power of ‘right brain thinking and the Power Up Your Life Series

Radio Interview, We’re all Talk, March 24, 2012

Stephanie is interviewed about The Right Brain Entrepreneur and how ‘right brain thinking’ can make a difference for individuals and corporations.

Pro U Leadership Call 2012

Stephanie speaks about what it means to be a leader and works one-on-one with  a participant, providing coaching on how to own one’s strengths and reframe challenges.