Improving Effectiveness – Reveal Your Superhero Powers

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Ever have those days where the time just flies?  We wake up and before we know it the sun has set and we ask ourselves where the day went.  Most likely you had an action packed day but there is something to learn from these experiences to bring our effectiveness to the next level.

When time seems to fast forward and we accomplish a lot in a short period of time it is because we are present and focused.  There aren’t any distractions and we approach the situation with intention.

Imagine how effective you would be if you could harness this same energy in every day life?  Notice that not every day goes like this where you look back and say, “Man, that day went by fast, and I got a lot done.”

What is up with that?

Humans often function in the space of survival.  Many don’t get into action until a crisis arrives or until the pile of to-dos finally comes back to bite them in the behind.  Then all of a sudden you are this powerful, driven, focused person.  Well, here is the good news: that person is always there.

The bad news is you rarely tap into your own potential.

Here are three tips to help reveal your superhero powers on a daily basis so you can start improving effectiveness.

1.  Be Present.  The first thing you need to practice is being truly,  unequivocally, present.  People will try to do ‘work’ in front of the TV watching a football game, texting their friends, taking calls, and screening Facebook.  Really?  Then you wonder why it takes you an hour for one task.  You will be amazed what you can accomplish in an hour when you turn off all distractions and focus solely on the task at hand.  Get out of the house, leave your phone, and go work at a local cafe with no TVs.

2.  Plan Your Time.  By giving yourself a time limit you will trigger your brain to be more productive.  By allowing a set amount of time for a task, you will approach the task with more intention and focus.  I often plan my day out by the hour.  This way I know exactly what needs to be accomplished in this time and I don’t mess around.  I also schedule in my ‘indulgences’ like Facebook or Modern Family.

3.  Game on.  When did we stop having fun?  As kids we couldn’t wait to go out and play and could turn a mundane cardboard box into a cool fort.  As adults we have become shaped by a society that limits playfulness (boo-hiss).  However, if you take a ‘mundane’ task and add some joy to it or make it a game, you will have renewed motivation.  Put on some upbeat music, set some fun goals that inspire you and reward yourself for your accomplishments.

Kryptonite has no chance with you now.

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