Branding & Business: People Buy You, Not Your Product

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Ever had a conversation with someone who was trying to sell you something and you could just tell they were TRYING too hard?  As though they were trying to be someone else in hopes of being successful?  If you have encountered someone like this, chances are you didn’t buy from them.   Maybe you actually did like the product but something was off.  It didn’t ‘feel’ right.

We like to think that we purchase logically, but really our brain makes an emotional choice long before we justify it.  We all have a deeper intuitive part of our brain (what I call the “right brain process”) that senses something is off and this plays a large part in our purchasing process.  This fact is very important to know if you are a business owner who wants to be successful.  You need to speak to this part of the brain, not solely logic.

When I work with new entrepreneurs and small business owners, many express anxieties that come up on how to present oneself- how to express their brand and talk about what they do.  Naturally, if their source of income is through customers, they don’t want to do anything to scare them off.  But this is usually rooted in a deep fear of rejection and a mindset of ‘scarcity’:  that there are not enough customers to go around and they must attract as many as possible to be successful.  This couldn’t be farther from reality.

Business is about quality, not quantity.  One raving, loyal fan is worth more to your bottom line than 10 one-time buyers.  And the way to finding your fans?


I know that may sound cliche, but a big mistake anyone starting a business can make is to try to be something they are not or try to copy another ‘successful’ model when it doesn’t match one’s values and integrity.  Pretending takes a lot of work- it drains your energy and most importantly other people can sniff out when you are being inauthentic.

In my “Start a Business You Love” 90 Day Program, I first have my clients look at their highest values and strengths.  Who they are is not separate from their business.  YOU are your business and people will buy wonderful badass YOU.   I always tell my clients that rejection is a good thing:  you are weeding out those people that aren’t a good fit for your business and getting closer to attracting those that want to buy from you.   And when you are just being yourself, it is way easier to talk about your business and products instead of trying to fit yourself into the wrong mold.

So ask yourself, is your business aligned with who you truly are?

Can you talk about your business with ease, attracting floods of ideal clients – the people you are excited to serve?

If you are feeling stuck in your business, you may need to look at where you are being inauthentic, and often it is hard to see on our own.  In which case, reach out to me to schedule a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session.

Together we will get you back to being YOU and creating income with ease.

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